Sunday, 1 July 2012

Paignton Devon treasures

  Welcome to From the Tideline, a little blog I set up to showcase my beachcombing finds, seaside adventures, beach craft and anything else beach inspired I come across. First I want to share with you my finds from a recent holiday in Paignton Devon.
 Paignton beach is fabulous for finding seashells and seaglass. In the little baggy above I have 3 piece (2 white, 1 brown) and a really pretty zig zag scallop. I haven't processed them yet, hence they are still safely bagged up.
In the jam jar I have made a mini beach jar. I used to make these when I was little to capture part of the seaside as a souvenir of my visit. It's a frequent fantasy of mine to journey around the UK coastline making loads of these to show the different colors of sand and types of shell as you travel. They make fantastic frugal souvenirs/crafts for children (and adults).
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