Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Beach Combing at Victoria Country Park.

 The little beach at Victoria Country Park is a treasure trove! Although on a thin stretch of water lies between the two sides of land almost everything you can think of passes through here from the tiny dingy to the humongous ocean liners. And as this has been the case for hundreds of years you can imagine just how much can wash up here. 

 Sea glass finds - Left; Bottle bottoms including a pink piece.
Right; Bottle necks. The bottom right piece is almost complete and makes a fetching thumb ring lol.

I also found a huge amount of green and clear glass, plus a few pieces of brown and 4 pieces of blue glass!

 There is of course the usual other finds along the tide line. I have such a fascination with crab shells, I have no idea what it is I just find them fascinating.
 Tiny crab body among the shells.
 You can also find lots of these. I think they are oysters but I haven't confirmed that yet. 

 My parents have offered to babysit the girls this week so hopefully we will be returning here on Wednesday for another treasure hunt. I promise to take pictures to share with you all.

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