Sunday, 5 January 2014

Beach finds Jan 14

 Whelk eggs in huge clusters

These huge storms we've been enduring in the UK are a beach combers delight. There are so many things to find on the shore right now. Some I've never even seen before. A friend on mine who works at the local Blue Reef Aquarium tells me all sorts of creatures are being washed up and handed in to them by the public.
 Underside of Sea Mouse

My first ever sea mouse  (Aphrodita aculeata)!  

 Sea Mouse topside

 I hadn't even heard of a sea mouse before, until earlier this week when my friend mentioned them being brought into the aquarium. They are only a few miles down the coast from where I was combing today so I made sure I kept an eye open for one. They really are odd looking creatures indeed.

 Common Starfish

The beach was also littered with starfish and limbs of starfish. I haven't seen starfish before on the beach although I know they are found there frequently. These starfish ranged from a inch or so across to huge specimens about the size of my hand. I should have researched how to preserve them before I went. I would have loved to added one to my beach combing displays.

 Crab shell

I also found several large crab shells. Several of the usual brown colour and lots of a purplish hue I hadn't seen before. As you can see from the picture they were bigger than I usually find here thanks to the storms.

 At this point I had to return to the car as I was freezing cold, my hat was trying to launch itself down the beach and the tide was begin to come in rapidly!
I am hoping to visit again soon, time and weather permitting. So watch this space for more adventures!

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